To the God who sees

I wonder what it must be like for You to see so much beauty and good every day.

Every dark and pure starry sky, you see.

Every bend of mountain rivers dancing blue across age-worn stones, you see.

Every forest flower that unfolds hidden to human eyes, you see.

Every child who whispers bedtime thanks over blanket and bear and mother and father, you see.

Every mother who sings soothing and soft over drowsy babe, you see.

Every work-worn knee that bows bedside in faithful prayer, you see.

You see every card sent, every prison cell visited, every orphan adopted, every Bible opened.

You see every kind word uttered, every meal shared, every hand squeezed, every shoulder hugged.

You see every tree planted, every hymn sung, every cut and scrape bandaged, every sinner baptized.

Open my eyes to delight daily in the beauty of Your earth. Prompt my heart to scour for what is good. Nudge me to steep my tired mind prayerful in the pages of Your life-breathing Word. Empower my knees to kneel, my hands to share, my lips to encourage.

Help me to live beautifully before Your eyes with every sunrise.


* I wrote this poem in June of 2016.  It first appeared on my Facebook page in June 2018.

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