Meme believed that no one is too ordinary for sparkly, rainbow-threaded GAP jeans or lace-embellished blouses.

Meme believed that no one is too old for ziplining, roller-coaster riding, or day-long shopping trips.

Meme believed that holidays were made for family and feasting and cake, always cake.

Meme believed that walls were meant to be plastered with family portraits and art by the grandkids.

Meme believed in dessert – in triple-layer cakes, in homemade icing, in peach pie in the summer and pumpkin everything in the fall.

Meme believed in real Christmas trees, covered in colorful lights and shining ornaments.

Meme believed in pretty birthday cards, in reindeer-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, in made-from-scratch biscuits, in family vacations at the cabin, in trips to Disney World.

Meme believed in creating celebration and fun. She was always planning a party or tea, always designing invitations, always making scores carefully shaped of cookies.

Meme believed in being together. Even when she could no longer hear us, simply being in the presence of her family, laughing and chatting, made her happy.

Meme believed in the worship of the church, and especially in song. Meme used to pour out her lovely alto-vibrato voice to God during every service.

Meme believed in serving others, particularly her family. She cared for her elderly parents and ill sister in her home, always making sure they were comfortable and nourished, that they were able to go to church when they could, and that their spaces had pretty lamps and curtains.

I’m sad that this petite lady full of life and sparkle found herself at the mercy of disease, sad that this wearer of embroidered sweaters would spend her last days in a hospital gown.

But she took it all in stride. As she got older and colder, she wore beaded gloves and brightly woven socks. Despite her health problems she never stopped baking and cooking for others, and even wrapped in hospital clothes, her eyes were beautiful and striking, shining a bright, deep blue like the sapphire ornaments on her tree, like the Azure Blue she’s passed through into the place of peace.

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