How do you want to be remembered?

“She gave me a big hug every time I saw her.”

“She always made me feel special.” 

“She served her sick family members until the end.”

“Despite his health problems, he never missed church.”

“She was always finding ways to encourage others.”

“She was always teaching Bible class.  Our house was always a mess of pipe cleaners and construction paper.”

“He loved reading the Bible.”

“She stood at the kitchen sink and prayed every morning.”

These are all things I’ve heard said about real people, people who were close to me or to the ones I love.

These statements are not grandiose.  These people did not solve world hunger or become famous celebrities.  They didn’t even keep a perfect house.

But you know what?  They loved God deeply, and it was evident in the way they loved others.

We’ll all pass from this life one day, unless Jesus comes first.  What do you want people to say about you after you are gone?

If we listen to the world, we might be inadvertently pursuing eulogies such as:

“She became world-famous for her designs.”

“She earned X amount of dollars during her lifetime.”

“Her floors always shined, and the clothes in her drawers were folded perfectly.”

“She had the most beautiful Instagram photos you’ve ever seen.”

Said out loud, these things sound rather silly.  But sometimes we live as if these were our goals.

What do you really want to be remembered for?  Having the prettiest family photos on Facebook?  Having a perfect house?  Being the most creative mom?  Becoming famous in your field?

Or, do you want to be remembered for giving heartfelt hugs?  Spending quality time with your kids?  Reading your Bible?  Being hospitable?  Bringing friends to Christ?  Loving like Jesus?

Lord, today and every day, help us to choose You.


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