On sleepless nights

On sleepless nights
when the mind churns 
and the heavy eyelids seek rest 
but the mind cannot find it — 
Lord, bring me to You.

Let me not waste these starlit hours
in anxious wrestling
or meaningless pacification
but spend them in Your presence —
pouring myself in praise, 
meditating on your might,
worshipping through your Word.

Lift my mind 
to Your promises, 
Your goodness,
Your blessings, 
Your love.

On sleepless nights,
let me not concern myself with the amount of sleep lost 
but give thanks for the gift of time
to worship You in silence.

If the sleeplessness stems from sin — 
a lack of obedience, 
a lack of trust, 
a lack of self-control, 
or downright rebellion —
help me to repent.
Wring out my sin-stained self, 
squeezing out all the dirt.
Refresh my spirit with Your grace, truth, and love.

And as for tomorrow?
Please grant me divine energy 
to live faithfully for You.

At midnight I rise to praise you, because of your righteous rules.
— Psalm 119:62



Photo credit: Calwaen Liew on Unsplash

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