Healing medicine for our anxious minds

“Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,” Proverbs 12:25 says.  For those of us who struggle with anxiety of any sort, we know all too well how true this is.

The world offers many suggestions to lift us from our anxieties, things like exercise, meditation, taking medicine or supplements, and laughter. Things like these are helpful and good; many are from hand of God.  However, I must confess: I sometimes reach for these as a pick-me-up or a quick-fix; they become my go-to form of therapy.  And while they might offer me some relief, beneath the surface, those anxieties are still there.

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Do not be anxious: 12 ways to overcome anxiety — by Katie Deck

I am beyond honored to share some life-giving thoughts from my lovely sister Katie Deck in today’s guest post. Katie is wise, caring, and immensely talented and creative. (You can follow her as she paints and draws beautiful artwork on Instagram at @katiedeckstudio.) With anxiety being a particularly relevant discussion during these strange times, Katie has some very helpful ideas for helping us find peace. We pray that these practical thoughts will help and bless you in your walk.

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